Home Study Part I

Home Study Part I

Last night the social worker we were assigned came to our house for a 6PM meeting.  At 5:40.  This gave her the unexpected opportunity to observe our family dinner as we finished our soup.  She sat there contentedly and insisted we continue eating.  She told us a bit about herself as I tried to get Maggie to STOP!  THAT!  BARKING!!!  And all went well.  Maggie eventually stopped barking after I let her outside to go potty and gave her a treat when she came back in the house.  Total barking time= about five minutes.

We talked about all of the paperwork Josh and I filled out and she brought up points of interest and asked us to indulge her on some things.  We talked a lot about our marriage and a little about the kids.  She spent a lot of time making sure we were familiar with attachment disorder and all that it could entail.  She helped us narrow down some acceptable/not acceptable health issues on the form where we list what issues we are able to accept in a child.  That form covers everything from “picky eater” to “HIV positive” and the gamut in between.  I hate that form.

The case worker is very nice and we were relaxed with her.  She didn’t seem to have a clear agenda other than to educate us a little and get to know us.  She seems perpetually suspicious- as social workers tend to be (!) and even asked us to name whose stocking was whose over the fireplace.  We never took offense to her strange prove-you’re-authentic questions.  It’s her job to try to weasel out anything suspicious.  We gave her a tour of the house and she asked where the child would be sleeping.  We chose our daughter’s room a while back and told her such.  She questioned us on it some but seemed to not really care too much- as long as we had a plan with purpose that was well thought out.  She asked the kids what they thought about the adoption and got very little feedback.  Hopefully they will open up a little more after they’ve met her a couple times.  She left after an hour and a half and asked when we’d be around but didn’t bother setting up the next appointment.  I am guessing she’s going to call at the last minute and try to drop in unexpectedly to try to see our “normal” side.  Well, sister.  You’ve seen it!  We were all very comfortable and relaxed last night.  That’s what comforts me the most.  I feel she should perceive our openness and I think that’s important.

So I will run a little update when more happens.  We got our physicals (and the kids’) sent out and so our application packet should be complete now.  I need to now send that “acceptable health issues” sheet into the international agency and get the ball rolling out there as well.

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