Starting our Home Study Again! (AKA Home Study #2)

Starting our Home Study Again! (AKA Home Study #2)

So we’ve moved across country, lived in my (gracious!) parents’ house for three months, and finally purchased and moved into our own home here in Colorado Springs.  And though there are still boxes everywhere, we are anxious to jump start this adoption process (again.) and get on with paperwork renewals and upheavals.  In order to redo the dossier and make sure our USCIS form I600-A form does NOT expire, we have to have a current home study.  Meaning it has to apply to where we are currently living.  Which ours does not.  So time to start a new one!  And the good news…?

Our new social worker is coming down from Denver tonight to start the process!  YAAAY! (Kermit flail)

We are super stoked that this is in process again, but please, please be praying for the speed of it. Already on the phone our social worker tried to calmly inform me that it will take way longer than I am hoping.  (We were trying to send out the new home study report to USCIS by September 15, HA!)  So I hope that doesn’t mean mid-October.  Because our stuff expires the end of November and we have to allow for the 60-75 days processing time.   Prayers!  Prayers!  Thank you so much!

It’s a pleasure to be able to share with you again about our journey.  : )

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