If it’s God’s Will, it’s God’s Bill

If it’s God’s Will, it’s God’s Bill

I love the title of this post.  A sentiment shared with me by a dear friend who I have only, up until this point, had the pleasure of getting to know through daily emails back and forth.  She too, is in the process of adopting from Russia and we have been valuable supporters of each other over the last couple of months.  I told her phrase, “If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill,” to another friend recently and the reply came, “Where God guides, He also provides!”  These two rhyming, rhythmic phrases are proof that we as humans are not inherently faith-filled.  Even though Josh and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will provide what we need, we have to remind ourselves daily as we feel the unsureness and doubt creeping up our spines.  So now I am armed with two new easy-to-remember phrases to keep me on track!  When it is literally the day we have to buy plane tickets and we don’t have the money, I will remind myself (while gritting my teeth and trying to breath) that the money will come just in time.  “if its God’s will, it’s God’s bill.”  I say this now because, frankly, it’s easy to say now.  There’s no deadline yet.  : )

Wanna hear something encouraging?  This weekend a couple we know gave us a check for $2,000!  We were staring at the check in absolute humility and joy all weekend long.  How on earth could someone in our lifestyle bracket afford to do this for us?  And why would they?  The “why,” in this case, is clear to us; these people have a heart for God and His work in helping the fatherless.  The “how” was even cooler though; they were helped by the same generous gift years ago.  They finally had the ability to pay the gift back.  But their gift-givers told them not to pay it back.  So when our friends thought of us, they knew resolutely that they wanted to pass the $2,000 forward to help us.  And they don’t want us to repay it.  And we hope to be able to pass it along someday as well.

On another, less inspiring note… I was at the doctor’s office getting my travel immunizations today.  The nurse was flicking the syringes and filing the release form and asked, “So is it cheaper to adopt from Russia?”  (Oy vey.  Here it comes.)  “No.  It’s much more expensive.”  She looked puzzled, “Then why don’t you just adopt from here?”  (ladies and gentlemen, this is not my first outright round of questioning on the merits of our personal decision)  I smiled and tried to end the conversation so she would inject me already and said, “We have traveled to Russia before and have a specific heart for the children we met in orphanages there.”  And she let her shoulders fall and thought a second and said, “Hm.  Well I guess that’s okay then.”   Well THANK YOU very much for your approval.  (sorry)  God asks us to take care of the widows and orphans.  Not just the ones down the street from us.  Not just the ones with our skin color.  Not just the ones who speak our language.  Are you surprised that God has led us to Russia to adopt?  Does He not care deeply for ALL humankind?  Even those in Russia?  And what happens if Americans don’t reach out to some of these countries?  Some of them are very poor and people there are not able to take on more children.  Often children are not orphaned at all, they are just given to the orphanage so someone can feed them.  So if I leave it to Russians to adopt the Russian orphans, I may not see much change there.  Or I may see more orphans rather than less.  This is certainly more true in other countries than it is Russia.  Russians are fairly well-to-do economically in many areas of the country.  But my point is, international adoption is just one  more way to take care of God’s children.  It isn’t easy.  It isn’t cheap.  But God is providing for our journey to accomplish this because it’s a priority He has decreed.  It’s an act of love from His heart, lived out by His people who are just trying to pass on the love they feel through Him.  Adoption is the whole central point of Christianity.  We are unworthy and not of the same “blood” as God Himself.  We are bastard children who have fallen far short of the perfection He requires to allow us into His presence.  But He loves us so much.  In our present condition.  In our present state of being turned away from Him.  In our state of self-dependence and self-reliance.  In our utter depravity… He loves us so much that He asks to adopt us.  He offers me (contingent only on my decision to follow His son Jesus) the adoption certificate saying that I am a new person now!  He has taken me out of the realm of this present darkness and into His shining light.  My last name is His last name.  My house is His house.  His love will envelop me eternally.  I am a child of God.  I have been adopted.  It’s His passion.  And doing what He does here on earth is how we can show His love to those around us.  Whether it be in these United States or across the seas in Russia.

How could I not want to follow this God whose every purpose revolves around love?

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