A Letter From Zhenya

A Letter From Zhenya

Would anyone like to read excerpts from an email I just got from Zhenya?  I am thrilled to share this.  I will probably not do so again, but I can not believe the seed God planted in such a short time together.  It shows me that when we do things that the Bible advocates, such as helping people less fortunate than ourselves and loving them with an unconditional love, God takes the reigns from there and multiplies our efforts indefinitely.  All I did to start change in this young man’s life was show up.


Dear Sarah!

I was so glad to get your letters. Thank you so much for not forgetting. I have thought of you all the years since we met and even wrote your name on different notebooks I had while in school. Your friendship has made a lasting impression on my life.

After the last hug you gave me the last time we saw each other, I thought we’d never see each other again. I prayed the Lord would provide a way for us to see each other again. I remember you gave me all kinds of drawings, but I wasn’t able to keep them through the different moves I’ve made over the years. There’s so much I’ve learned in my life. Right now I have one dream – to see you again and to give you a big hug and tell you you are the best friend I’ve ever had.

I will be sure to pray about our future meeting, for your health, and for your family. I am grateful to you for giving me friendship that will always remain in my heart.

I am planning to take some computer lessons soon that I hope will help me get a better job. I love to read a lot. In my job, I make cream fillings, help decorate cakes, and help with the packaging of the cakes. Our bakery makes about 1300 a day, and there are 10 of us who do the decorating. I like my job for now, but I hope to find something better-paying so that I can save up money to someday visit the US.

Right now I am getting to know a young lady from Moscow. We are just friends. In the future I hope to find someone who will be a kind , good, pleasant person like you. 

I don’t know English well enough to write you on my own. Korvan helps me with these letters. I’d like to know English better, but I don’t have the opportunity at this time. I try to study some on my own as I’m able.

Take care of yourself.

Your loving and close friend,

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  1. Sarah,
    His letter must have reached right into your soul. I’m amazed by the bond that God created between the two of you. How long has it been since you’ve seen him? I love you, and as I’ve said at least 100 times, God is using you in ways you will probably never know on this side of Heaven!

    Thanks for sharing his letter!!!

  2. @ Jennifer; It’s been 14 years since I’ve seen him. I am amazed that we have been so close over those 14 years without me even knowing it! : ) Thanks for all your support, sweet friend. I love you too.

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