We are about to get a referral!  We should have the complete referral, including all known history and health information, within two to four weeks.  Can you believe it?  Already?!?!

My favorite quote of the day, “Was it an accident?”  (haha!)  It would almost seem as such since, to my knowledge, they hadn’t even finished translating our dossier into Russian yet.  In fact, we have a document CURRENTLY in the hands of a courier getting apostilled.  Like as we speak.  So our dossier isn’t even officially completed yet.  It’s sitting in pieces waiting to be rectified.  And yet we are being told they found us a child.  I have got to say, and this is a theme throughout this post; This is what happens when God shows up.

We still don’t have any information.  So theoretically, we could find out some health concern that our family simply couldn’t shoulder.  This is in no way an announcement that we have found our daughter.  But it’s a possibility.  And we’re getting closer to finding out!

The reason we don’t have an actual referral is because our paperwork all says that we are looking for a child up to 36 months old.  This little girl is 37 months old.  Ergo, we had to be contacted and asked if we would be willing to consider a child outside of our agreed-upon age range.  (“YES.”)  But now all of our paperwork is wrong.  And we can’t have that.  So before the Russian officials can send us anymore information, we have to have the dossier updated to reflect that we are willing to adopt a child older than 36 months.  Which means, duhn, duh DUHN, (drumroll please!)  …another drive to Austin!  Yes!!  Really people, I am trying the courier as we speak.  She’s very helpful and it’s all nice and dandy that I don’t have to drive there, but in reality I would have to mail these documents to her, let her get the apostille within a couple of days, and then have her mail it back to me.  I do NOT have time for that right now.  Not even close.  This way I will be back with it completed tomorrow.  And my agency representative asked me to fax her a copy of it so they can get started while the hard copy makes its way to them in the mail.  They aren’t kidding around.  Everyone’s adrenaline just skyrocketed and things are expected to be done seriously fast now to get things going.

The information I was given regarding timeframes:  Once the paperwork gets in (correctly this time) we should get the actual referral within two to four weeks.  Ohmygosh.  I just want to cry thinking that we will be given an actual name.  A name.  (pull it together Sarah!  This may not be your child yet!)  ((Shut up and let me dream, level-headed Sarah!)) (Fine.  I wanted to dream with you anyway.)  ((Good.))  Yes, clearly I may lose my mind before the day is out.  Anyway, back to business…  IF  (if) we accept the referral, we could be traveling within a month to a few months.  More likely is a month or two, but you never know what snafus may delay travel.  Did I ever officially write on this blog how I had been praying to get a referral by December since early last summer?  Because in light of all informational opposition, I felt I could ask God to get us a referral that quickly.  He’s a really Big Guy.  He can do stuff that fast if he wants to.  Even though we were told it would likely take at least until 2013.  And now look!  He’s exceeded even my CRAZY request by beating my longing by an additional two months!  October 2011!!!

Which segways nicely into the next topic; how God will now have to provide the fundage necessary to continue with this process.  Because just to accept the referral costs thousands.  And then even more money will be needed to travel and pay in-country expenses.  And we could need all of this as soon as a couple of months from now.  And yet somehow I know God will provide.  Please join me in praying for our needs to be met so that the process can continue without being held-up by a financial shortage.

I am calling today “Yay Day!”  Though if I think I’m excited now, I’m sure I will be shown a whole different level of excitement down the road.  : )  Woot!


We just got a call that there is a little girl

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  1. I am doing cartwheels right now. Mind you, they have to be mental cartwheels, as I’m barely capable of anything more. But WOOHOO!!! We’ll be praying unceasingly for your family.

  2. @Jessie; THANK YOU!!!! (and totally LOLing at mental cartwheels. My eyes are rolling around in my head as I try to join in!)

  3. We just dropped off our first set of Dossier paperwork at our agency today. It was such good news to see that your referal is going to come so quickly. We are praying that ours is just as fast.

  4. @ Lindsey & Justin; Congratulations on getting that done! I know what a HUGE step that is! I will also pray for speed in your process- that’s what it’s all about. God’s perfect timing. : )

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