Update on Dossier D’Oh!!! (#3)

Update on Dossier D’Oh!!! (#3)


So, yes.  The short answer is “yes.”  Yes, we need to redo the entire home study document because of one little typo.  YES this is a document that is also in the hands of immigration services and may need to be redone for them as well.   Yes, we need to have it notarized again.  Yes, the people at our local agency can take care of the notarization for us. Yes, because it is getting re-notarized and our agency’s notary has since renewed their commission license, we have to have every document that person notarized re-notarized.  And yes, they can not get the apostille for us even though they work out of the same city as the Secretary of State.  (okay that last one didn’t work so well)

But I was given information to a courier that functions primarily as a service for international adoption families to help them get apostilles when they live far away from Austin.  Cool, right?  But their services cost the same as gas.  And I love me a road trip.  But after paying the courier I would have to pay to have the documents overnighted to me, which can be around $20.  Which tips the balance in favor of another road trip up there.  But I have been informed that there are massive protests going on all around the capital building right now and that is where I have to park to see the Secretary of State.  So that could totally stink.  Or I could get involved and show up on the evening news.  Who knows?

The documents should be finished today and I will update soon on what comes of it all.  Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers; this is a tedious and irritating process at times and I credit my plethora of peace to the fact that we have dedicated the process to God and feel that it will all work out in the end.  He is good!

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