The Dossier’s Journey

The Dossier’s Journey

Well, our dossier was sent off last week.  It is en route to Russia as we speak.  And that’s it, right?!  It gets there and then they call us with the picture of a beautiful little girl who we can bring home to call our own!


Our dossier will arrive in Russia.  Then it will be translated into Russian.  I have had no qualms about sharing the size of this document.  Translating it will be a vast undertaking.  It is expected to take up to two months to get it translated.  So the dossier doesn’t really “arrive” until it’s in Russian.  And this will take up to two more months.  I’m learning that everything is time consuming and requires a lot of flexibility and patience on our part.   And waiting.  It requires waiting on our part!  (I think that if you searched the word “waiting” on this blog it would pop up every entry I have ever made!)

Once it is translated, I have been told that the wait for a girl in our region is 12-24 months, with fluctuations expected.  Which tells me no one knows when the (bleep!) we will get a referral!  (a-hem)  Excuse my outburst.  : )

In the meantime, they have sent us two booklets of information to peruse in hopes that the travel process will be more clearly explained.  I have only gone through one of them so far and it was 39 pages long.  Let me just say that international adoption is, four words; ready?  Com-pli-ca-ted.  But I learned all kinds of things about the culture and the process and the expected gifts we have to bring.  And they included lots of quotes and thoughts from families who have traveled previous to us.  I also found out that it has happened, though it’s not common, that the child someone was referred was adopted instead by a local Russian family even after the referral was accepted by the American family.  The Russian government (and rightfully so, I believe) has priority on keeping their children in Russia with Russian families.  I just can’t imagine the disappointment that would come with a botched referral like that though.  And I pray that doesn’t happen to us!    I learned a lot from this packet of information.  Once I get through the second one, maybe I will create a post including some miscellany information to enlighten all of us a little more to the adoption process that Josh and I are embarking on.  But for now, let me just say that it is really hard to be reading about all of this exciting travel-related stuff and then having the knowledge that our travel is still 14-26 months away!  Bah.

Still, as always, lifting our adoption up in prayer to God.  He is in control and He has our little girl already picked out!

: )

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  1. Nice to know there’s a few of us in this together, right? We so appreciate your prayers. Thank you thank you! And I will be checking out your page so I know how to pray for your family as well. It’s all we’ve got; prayer! : )

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