Last Form for the Dossier!

Last Form for the Dossier!

So I told you we had to resubmit a form….  Well we did it!

I had no intentions of waiting on the postal service to get our document an apostille from the Secretary of State.  So I took the kids out of school last Friday, piled them in the van, and we made a three-hour drive up to Austin, the capital, to the Secretary of State.  Here is the building where the office was located:

We looked at it from across the street, wondering how long it would take to get our precious document handled.  We crossed the street, marveled at the 100 year-old building, went inside, and signed in and got visitor’s stickers to wear.  The inside of the entryway:

Then we found the Secretary of State office and sat down.  We were third in line.  And we were called up within five minutes.  The nice lady took the document, had me fill out a form, and then took the form while handing me the now-stapled-to-the-apostille document.  “Have a nice day,” she said with a smile.  That’s it?!?  If I sit in Houston waiting it takes two weeks but if I come in it takes two minutes?  WORTH.  THE.  DRIVE.  We left there and I took another picture of the building from across the street. I know it sounds corny, but this building is an all-important part of getting this huge stack of papers called a dossier to the region where our future child lives.  It’s maybe that I need some connection to something…. everything is by mail, by email, by phone calls.  And then here, all of the sudden, I am able to enter a building where part of the process takes place.  I can touch the walls.  It’s tangible.  I was a little emotional just because I had something to be emotional about.  A visible step in the process.

So after we left the Secretary of State with my document and apostille tucked safely in a manilla envelope, we went to the park across the street.  And looked up.  And saw the capital building!  Lo and behold!  We were parked next door to it the whole time!

So we went and had a tour while we were there.  It was very educational and I felt sort of better about taking my kids out of school for a road trip.  : )  (Though I’m glad I did because after lunch and a couple stops, plus the three-hour drive home, we got back an hour after school got out)  Here’s the inside of the capital dome:

And as seen from inside of a wing built onto the building as a later addition:

We got back home after lots of galavanting around and I was just so thankful for the adventure I had that day.  It was nice feeling a part of the process of getting that document to its final destination.  Which is our region in Russia.  Which is where our little girl is!

I mailed it out Saturday and it arrived Monday morning.  Today our dossier specialist contacted me and said she will be mailing out the (now) completed dossier by the end of this week.  RELIEF!!  So happy right now.  So I guess that’s it for now.  I will try to give an official update when I hear anything new. I have asked our specialist some questions about the upcoming process and will share her answers if they are anything new.

Also we are getting ready to start fundraising.  Josh and I have been carefully and prayerfully working through some ideas and should have it all worked out soon.  But we do need to take the opportunity (while we are waiting for our referral) to try to come up with the remaining 50% of the total amount of money we need to complete this adoption.

We know God will provide.  We just want to do our part, and ask that as our friends and family, and occasional web-surfer-by-ers, that you consider praying for us to be your part.  We have many reasons to be praying for a fast referral; faster than anyone expects it to be, and in tandem with that we need the remainder of our money to come in by then too.  We also implore you to pray that our future daughter will be hand-picked by God for our family, and us for her.  And really above all else, that God is glorified in this process and that many see Him for the first time because there will be no other way to explain the incredible things God will do for us.  And people will come to believe that it is God orchestrating it all.  Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your diligence in checking in on us.  It has not gone unnoticed!

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