Waiting for our dossier to be sent to Russia….

Waiting for our dossier to be sent to Russia….

It was one month ago that we sent our dossier to the agency in charge of our international affairs.  They have spent this last month working closely with their liaisons in our region, making sure that every piece of paper was exactly as it should be to pass through the system without being denied.  All kinds of miniscule things can cause the dossier to be help-up or denied, and so they spend all of this time checking and double-checking before mailing it over.  Thank goodness we live in an age of computers so that they can do this by email!

So I got word back this morning: We have to submit an extra form.  It’s actually a form we’ve already submitted, and we filled it out properly, but the region has since changed the layout of the form.  So to make it look exactly like the one they are currently using, even though all of the information remains the same, we will be submitting the new form.  This is not uncommon and I half expected something along these lines to pop up.  But here’s the deal; this requires us to sign the form, go have it notarized, and then send it off to be apostilled.  The apostille took a month last time by mail.  It travels to Austin, the capital, and then and stays there for about two and a half weeks before getting done and sent back.  THEN I make copies of it, keep one, and send the rest cross country to our international agency.  Then they review it again and if it’s good they can (hopefully) send off the completed dossier to Russia.  But here’s what I’m thinking.  I don’t want to wait a month for the apostille.  So I may just drive that notarized document up to Austin and have it signed in person.  What do you think?  Am I a genius or what?  It’s a three hour drive one-way so it would be a long day, but I love an excuse for a road trip!

I will continue to keep you updated on the dossier.  Not incredibly exciting right now.  It’s similar to the first trimester of a pregnancy.  Yeah, you’ll have a baby in nine months, but you aren’t even showing yet.  It’s boring being pregnant without the standard-issue pregnant belly!  And to make things worse, you have morning sickness.  Yep.  That’s us right now.

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  1. Hey Girl, nothing wrong with a road trip, and Austin is a lovely place, you will like it! Maybe you could make a weekend trip of it, see and do things while you are there 🙂

  2. @Dawn: I agree! Sounds like the perfect excuse for a mini vacation! It’s good to have friends like you making sure I don’t miss up opportunities when they arise. : )

  3. @D’Anne- Thanks for standing behind us in this! Your support and excitement mean a lot. : )

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