Dossier Sent Out!

Dossier Sent Out!

Yesterday was the big day!  The official dossier was picked up by our local post-person yesterday morning.  Now it’s on its way to our international agency, complete with a check we were able to write thanks to SO many donations we’ve gotten from people who have felt a call to support us in one way or another.  THANK YOU!    When it gets to our agency, they will review it and make sure everything is in order.  I anticipate that there will be no surprises since I worked very closely with our dossier specialist and asked more questions than she probably would’ve ever thought she’d be able to credit to a singular human being.  Anyway, she will go over the hard copies and originals I sent and once she pulls it all together and adds in documents already in their possession, she will forward it to our region in Russia!  Once there I have no idea what happens.  Theoretically it should take between 18 and 24 months for us to get a referral.  (A “referral” is notification that a child fitting our description (female between 9 & 36 months old) has been deemed available for adoption and is being offered to us for acceptance.)  I have no idea why it can take so long, so don’t ask.  Someone once mentioned a guess that it had to do with wait times instilled to alleviate temptation to adopt girls for sex trafficking.  I don’t know if this is true, but it makes a bit of sense since there is NO wait time for boys and also no social reasons (such as in China) for there to be more of one sex available than another.  But whatever the reason, we have been told from the start that adopting a girl would take much, much longer.  Though we’ll see what God has in mind!  I am interested to see how quickly this can be pushed through when we are all praying together for speediness!

A little information on the final result of this “dossier” thing I’ve been talking about with you all for the last few months.  It is big- for sure- but not as big as for some Russian regions, which require many more documents.  So to recap, we had to sign a bunch of official documents that stated our purpose in adopting and that we were aware of certain rules and regulations.  But we had to sign all documents (ALL) in front of a notary.  But notaries can be faking that they are notaries and not really be endorsed by the state… so then we send all the notarized documents to the Secretary of the State of Texas to double check on each notary’s name and commission to make sure they are legit.  If they are legit, the Secretary of the State signs off on a paper that is attached to the document that the notary has been recognized and verified.  NOW the document can been officially (internationally)  recognized as having been notarized when we signed it.  It has been apostilled.  Then the State sends the documents back and I make three copies of each, keep one, and bundle the rest together and voila’!  A dossier!!!  Our homestudy  and some agency licenses that were notarized before they were ever sent to us had to get apostilled too.  It was a heavy stack- almost two pounds of paper!

Here’s what an apostilled document cover looks like:  (notary name and commission blurred out)

And here’s some pictures of our awesomely huge dossier!

All tucked into its envelope and ready to go.  Such a happy day.  : )

Here’s to a quick referral; otherwise I’ll have nothing to write for you to read!  And we don’t want that!!!

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